Kenya must unshackle from political mediocrity.

As citizens, we have been treated with a senseless habitual mediocrity by the Jubilee government as far as the El-Adde KDF attack is concerned. Kenyans have been left to guess on what possibly would happen next. Horror movies have been loaded to Kenya, politicians pretending that everything is okay when the writing on the wall is even darker-Kenya is failing.

How possibly do you explain the recent harassment of the bloggers, simply because they are shedding light on what the government is not willing to do? You can try to tell us that whatever was done was for the sake of the  bereaved families, the bottom-line   of the matter however is, the country is run by pundits who are basically obsessed with what they get. How for god’s sake  do you claim you act in good will when two weeks after the terrible attack, the government has kept quiet, as if nothing really happened?

While the citizens are waiting for the government of their beloved motherland to address them on the fate of their heroes and heroins who selflessly fought and died protecting their country, the only thing we have witnessed is the supremacy battles and show of might where the government tries to outdo other autonomous units.

Kenya must decide with a heist, are we going to remain stuck in the corridors of mediocrity simply because the moronic politicians have planted into our mind the seed of hatred, ignorance and zest to follow them and promote their political  schemes?Lawrence photo