I take this most opportune time to extend my condolences to the families who lost their loved ones #westgate attack, I am saddened by the fact that these terrorists gathered courage to launch their attack right at our door step. It is something we have to strongly condemn at all cost regardless of our ethnicity, political affiliations, tribe and most importantly our religion. It should be understood world over that these terrorists are extremists who may just take advantage of the teachings of a given religion to support and strengthen their ideologies.
Most importantly, we should look at this menace on a bi-dimensional angle, apart from loosing lives, property, undergoing trauma and the psychological and mental torture we underwent, what important lessons have we learnt especially as Kenyan communities? It is in this line that I would prefer to dell my analysis.
It is on a Saturday, and as usual, Kenyans go out doing their routine shopping at the Westgate; a shopping mall commonly popular with rich and able Kenyans. All of a sudden, attackers whose number has not yet been confirmed break in and mercilessly starting shooting innocent people including young children. In an attempt to confuse guys, a bunch of muslims are sent out in the name of religion. My question is, was Zena a brave woman who helped save the Chinese woman not a Muslim? If it was not against the interest of Muslims, were they aware even Muslims had businesses in the mall and have suffered a loss? Am dismayed by the twist this issue has since taken and Christians world over are are now demonizing our brothers who are just as innocent in this attack as any other person. Maybe am over-dwelling on this issue but the fact remains; attacks on Muslim brothers is unnecessary, ill-based and uninformed.
Another issue that attracts attention is how Kenyans exhibited a brotherhood approach on this issue. there were no more of Kikuyu and Luo. Nobody condemned Gor Mahia fans when they thronged the blood donation center to donate their blood before matching to City stadium for their game. Kenyans from all corners congregated together and followed he attack. The digital ones typing #WeAreOne just to show they were together. The same Muslims who have been enjoined in this crime by ignorant Kenyans donating blood, food and other necessities. My shock has however raveled at the speed at which we Kenyans forget. Up to yesterday, we were truly one and brotherhood spirit upheld; just to wake up today and see the same Kenyans throwing insults at each other and from the names you need not to as for grounds, Otieno made a post and Okoth liked, Kamau insulted Otieno, comment liked by Waweru, Njoroge and Kariuki and Odhiambo condemned the insult. I found this boring because as we speak, there is a Luo who just got a blood donated by a Kikuyu and is running in his/her veins.
Maybe we assume we have nothing to loose, but remember when the terrorist come calling, your bother working in the army puts his life on the line to defend our Country. As we speak, a family in Homabay County is mourning a son who was working with the KDF. He died defending Kenyan regardless of being Giriama, Taita, Kalenjin or Kisii.
We therefore have to congratulate those who did their best to save Kenyans. It was a commendable job done by the KDF, Kenya Police, most Kenyans who acted in good faith, the international community who came calling ready o help and mos specifically #KenyaRedCross. they did a commendable job. The president and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, you showed Kenyans that politics is just in the word of mouth, the most important thing is to work together and achieve our realization. The Safaricom initiative, Airtel, Zena, a Kenyan citizen who almost felt to the Kenyan rumor mongers. It was awesome you were there for Kenya. we just need to this to Kenyans of all divide to instil faith in Kenyans and also prove the ”togetherness” spirit. We need to prove it was a rich people’s affair. City to City victims would have also got some decent treatment, grenade attacks in the past, Kisii accident and even the Garrissa attacks. Those are calling needs we have to consider always.
But even as we celebrate this, some people and institutions just let us down. The NSIS seemed to be in dark about this attack. you made the president appear foolish in front of as he could barely convince a standard one pupil there are attempt that have been thwarted. Internal Security cabinet secretary was in darkness saying what he not prove. General Karangi making a statement that could easily incite other countries against Kenya. one needed to comprehend what he wanted to say otherwise it was a misplaced statement. Kenyans who took advantage of the situation to rob from unsuspecting citizens, victims and the rest. Part of Kenyan media was so irresponsible, taking away hopes and high spirits of Kenyans. A paper which am not quoting posted on their front page a very awkward picture which simply to me meant a defeat by the Terrorists. Mike Mbuvi a.k.a Sonko who thinks the issues of security needs his drama. It is a very bad intention trying to show yourself as a hero in this saga when many of Kenyans are not even interested to see that. Anybody thinking close to me would demand Sonko to tell Kenyans more about his revelation because the country is in dire need of the truth. the last which am not going to dwell on more is the Ruto statement. if he were to read this, the I believe he should answer the following; Who could possibly be taking advantage of his being in hague and Uhuru going for UN meeting? Was he aware of the magnitude of his statement? Is he trying to implicate anybody with this?
Most of this and the possible political causes of the attack, attack and ICC, etc will probably come later. let me wish Kenyans a peaceful stay in this beloved country and warn the against being political perverts and sycophants. lets observe constitution and remain radical on issues of security and patriotism.


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