The VAT issue.

I was moved some days ago when our MPs commonly reffered to as Mpigs started debating the bill they had gladly passed and accented by the president. It is so pathetic that Kenya is ruled by those who are simply interested in their own affair; in Psychology terms, their goals are to satisfy their self interest.
They would always scoff things like representing the interest of citizens, reality is, they undermine umsuspecting ”wananchi” who are susceptible to their lies.
On the same note, it is worth noting that whenever there is a common interest, our Mpigs will transact a smooth without hearing about CORD or Jubilee for instance during salary icrement which they do at the expense of poor wananchi.
I want to caution my fellow country men and women, lets not be devided along tribal lines, political attachments etc by these Mpigs. Note that Kenyan politcs is not based on any ideology or agenda but rather divisive and for blackmail. It is sad to think about how Raila used Rift Valley residents and later to abandon them, Ruto praised Raila in 2007 and even called him messiah but later had the most pregnant propaganda against him dating back to their pre-marriage. Who would want to think about Uhuru and Kalenjins in 2002? What happened in 2007?
The most important notion here is that our politics is still primitive and not development oriented.
When CORD talk of condemning VAT bill, lets look at them in the eye and ask them, where were they when the bill was being debated? As far as am concerned, the bill was not even contentious in parliament. It should be our resolve to stop dancing to the tune of these cohorts and put them to task.


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