Kenyans have been recently treated to a drama when JSC suspended the chief registrar ‘Boss’ Sholei. Apart from the funny scenes that thrilled most Kenyans, rational Kenyans have turned the black pages of the whole issue
first of all, a percentage of Kenyans lost their faith in the judiciary following the presidential pettition when they felt they got a raw deal.
Now that the same judiciary has decided to air their dirty linen in public, it will be very fifficult to influence a class one pupil that the Kenyan courts system has the capacity and capability to handle cases of high magnitude like the one facing Kenyas top administrators.
Now, what were there behind all those scenes? I believe there were more than meet the eye, the issues were beyond hiring employees and procurement. I am entitled to my opinion and I would say that there may be forces working towards dicrediting our judicial system.


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