The ICC witness protection.

Dust has not settled since a Kenyan journalist received a warrant of arrest following his actions which according to the Chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda compromised the safety and security of the witnesses.
as a result of these, I expected Kenyan media to be very vigilant on how they report their news. ICC even resorted to confidential hearing of witnesses or in cases where such was made public, their voices are distorted and faces not clear as to judge whether it is a man or a woman.
yesterday in a Nation newspaper, they constantly referred to a witness as ”he”. This forms my question, is it necessary to make this reference which to me just calls for uncalled for guess? Are the Nation newspaper giving a clue as to who the witnesses are?
It is my sincere belief that Nation employs qualified people who to me should be making such erroneous mistakes. These witnesses are patriotic Kenyans who only want the best for their country and should be treated as such, with respect and dignity. lets not criminalize our brothers or create a condition of hate and anomie between them and the rest of the society but credit their good work because after all they are doing what we could not stand up and do as a country-search for truth and justice for the 2007/2008 post-election violence.


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