the issue of ICC and its impacts on Kenya

Recently there have been an extensive debate on whether the President (Uhuru Kenyatta) should attend the ICC now that the dates are nearing. One need not to be told there is a general panic since nobody expected such a time to reach faster like this.

however, as a concerned Kenyan embodied with patriotism, my points of concern are far much touching on the President knowing very well and remembering vividly that on one of the very crucial moments in Kenyan history such a question was asked the same and his answer was very categorical, ” ICC issue was to remain his persona problem”.

It is there o frustrating to notice that some sycophant machinery and the busy bodies in Kenyan politics are busy yapping and yelling everywhere castigating the life of a common Mwana-nchi  become so miserable. The tragedy  at Westgate has not even settled, many Kenyans living in poverty, suffered sending its scotching rays onto the face of  the helpless individuals; individuals who are only made to feel they belong to this  country during elections.

At  this point in time Adan Duale must feel very worthless because instead of discharging his duties as the leader of majority in parliament, he chooses to dance to the tunes of the few rich persons who can even buy their way. This list which to me is a list of shame should also include those politicians who at  a  burial of a very noble man David Gitari chose to dwell on issues of ICC and their personal errands; Raila Odinga cannot be left out of this, he should give Kenyans a break. Amb. Amina Abdalla and those who went to court on the same must5 also notice that they don’t have Kenya at heart.

But most importantly, our so called politicians must learn to know when and how to give  information, for instance media address. A message that was relayed  yesterday by Aden Duale was one that somebody calling himself stat officer could have not given. Looking at the present circumstances, when our DP is still at Hague and you are busy sending a  clear signal that you are not going to cooperate, I think it gives the prosecutor an opportunity to request and issue warrant of arrest to him. my question is, was Ruto a sacrificial lamb? if not, then you must act with a decorum and modesty because after all we need the international community to sustain our economy. let me  also hope that the Government has a plan to support the projects currently sustained by the international community in case there will be a sanction.


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