The new era of suffering ahead for Kenyans.

The ICC cases at the hague could have managed to achieve the will of the powerful in quest for their interest. The issue had created a sharp difference between the Pro-ICC and the anti-ICC.
Looking at the whole thing, Kenyans must be weary of falling for factions that could just lead to further suffering. The kind of sycophancy I have noticed on social media is uninformed and misplaced.
It seems obvious Kenyan government is not willing to go on with their cordial relationship they have always had with the ICC. What does this mean to you? Am predicting a situation where both Uhuru and Ruto will not go hague. You and me know very well it will not be business as usual with the West and considering the speech by Uhuru Kanyatta, sanctions may follow.
Who are the eventual receiver of this burden? Am not sure buy you and me must pay dearly. This is a despacable act which we are calling upon us by just failing to reason.
I may not have any experience or international relations but I believe Maria Nzomo in her interview with the Citizen Tv on 12th Nov was misconceived and lacked scrutiny of factors around the whole issue.
Even before election, the Western countries had issued warnings which syphants like Maria Nzomo quickly dismissed as empty threats, we just have to face it now as Kenya. It is no doubt that Kenyan needs the West more than they do. It is therefore very insincere for our leaders to brood on issues which are of less concern to this country and neglect more partinent issues that affect the common Kenyans.


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