Migori governor was on Friday ousted by an appeal court sitting in Kisumu. since then words have been speculated on the soft ride an ODM candidate is likely to have. Now, the question is, who will be mandated by the party to eventually carry its flag?
Unlike other counties who may elect a candidate based on party popularity, Migori county is totally different. There are various determinants one has to consider before you make a generalization on the likelihood voting pattern of the county.
With due respect I want to remind my lecturer, mentor, role model and friend Prof. Adams Oloo that Migori county comprises Awendo constituency whose MP was elected on an ODM ticket. Adams must also note that Nyatike constituency have always gone against the wind in most cases and ave elected those not on the party. In the 2007 elections, all the councilors were not elected on an ODM ticket. In the 2013 election, a number of MCAs were elected on different ticket. Prof. Oloo should first of all study and understand the dynamics of politics in this area.
It is a juncture I have to reiterate that Obado was worth a being criticized but also given due credit. By engaging the working government, Obado showed the potential of of establishing transformational leadership to the people and this is the what some of us yawn for-object politics aimed at changing lives and just talks null and void of the interest of the people.
We also need to understand the cosmopolitan nature of the county. Though most Luos in the region may try cheap political miscalculations, the other population who are not Luos may surprise many by a protest vote that was evident in the 2013 election, I believe Obado would never hesitate in employing the same trick again.
If removing Obado was the core interest of all the people of Migori, we ought to seal all the loopholes which to this minute is still very loose.
Another issue we have to trade with alot of car is the appointment of the running-mate. This is the main reason Obado won, it is simple-exploit the ethnology-structure and get a soft ride.
Ochillo Ayacko is also likely to to go for the post. the thrilling scenario is to see how ODM will balance their interest between Ayacko who is their friend and Prof. Oyugi Akong’o who has fought so hard legally to recapture the post.
Anyway, in all tat will happen, Migori people should let peace prevail, natural law should take its cause and in the end good leadership, effective governance should be or root, stem, branch and leaves.


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