Now, away from the national politics and politicking, it is my view that a break into the so called SONU politics would be necessary, considering the impact of the same on the National politics platform. It is now about six days since the students from the most prestigious university not only in East Africa but south of Sahara and  North of river Limpopo went to polls to elect their leaders. The question is, was the election matching the prestige bestowed on this institution? 

I will always concur with a lecturer who once told me that Kenya is a  country full of potentials, it is country that many would want to live in, but the only problem is that they lack values. In the 21st century, one would expect those calling themselves intellectuals to behave in a manner that befits that name. For those who viewed or witnessed the elections would for sure confirm with me it was not better than an election held in a some forest on mount Elgon.

It is very prudent that some people would prefer violence for their own benefit. Votes were given on table and while the electorates were waiting to to receive the results of the votes they had cast, the so called commissioners were awarding votes to different aspirants.  A typical example is the Upper Kabete, CCU and KNH where votes were awarded on table.

Harassing electorates was the order of the day with aspirants roaming poling stations and causing chaos. the same was experienced  in almost all polling stations. In  parklands, a commissioner was thoroughly beaten for alleged favoritism which was not to be, Chiromo was no exception. In Chiromo, a commissioner and a P O were beaten by an aspirant who alleged that his popularity was being undermined.  


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