My dream, my wish.

I have been a resident of Nyatike for a good part of of my lifetime, but for sure if you ask me whether I am proud of this area with a lot of potentialities, I’ll actually say NO! You may wonder why, I am obliged to take time and show you.
Nyatike is a rich constituency, it borders lake victoria, 2nd largest lake with fresh water. It is however very painful that the residents cannot enjoy this valuable gift but rather use water from the ponds. This is simple because there is a vacuum in leadership structure, Leaders who have been elected are not answerable to the constituents, once elected, they disappear into vicinity and only resurface during elections with junks of notes and the foul cry of “our clan is targeted”. It is very painful to see youth who for so long have been friends tearing each other apart in the name of Kolal, Kanyuor, Kakoth, Karungu or whatever it is.
I think we should always think about this before attacking Onyango because he comes from clan X, during drought, are those leaders there to tell us that the water point at Ndiwa is not good for your clan? Do we have choice of not picking a passenger as Bodaboda before they come from Kakoth?
It will be my wish to see the people of Nyatike electing a leader because of the development record and not merely looking at the clanism. I dream of Nyatike richer than some of the rich constituency if we can think in more pragmatic way so as to kick the money launders and the arrogant, irresponsible leaders out.
It is my wish that eventually our youths will be enlightened to know the reasons why they vote, the benefits of getting a good leader and the fruits of good leadership. Am dreaming of a progressive leadership against retrogression. A time when our youths will be radicalized, not on the basis of causing mayhem but on matters pertaining to efficient and proactive leadership.
I dream of a time when the constituency interest will be put first, when during elections, youths will be talking of “As youths from Nyatike” and not their various clans. I wish we could take our diversity as our strength and not as our point of weakness.
I ream of a time when during elections we would sit down in around table and reason out differences and not through using stones and pangas. I wish we could adopt issue based politics and not personality based politics. We should come out as a family to condemn impunity and not join the masters of impunity.


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