I have watched with dismay and frustration on equal measure Aden Duale’s comments on various issues that touch on government policies. As me more about politics, I may just  be a student compared to the likes of Duale, but one thing for sure has remained clear in all these; politicians and and of politics remains totally indifferent. As a lover of the most prominent theorists such as Plato and Machiavelli, i will like to categorically insinuate a fact that many will find to be the impeccable truth. Sycophancy has never, is never and will never be a score in politics. For those who have mastered the 48 rules of power, it remains important to work with an opposition than a mere sycophant. This why i will say that Duale cannot be taken seriously in TNA and for sure even when he tries so hard to be seen fighting for the so called  Somali community, he is just making the community more vulnerable. Maybe this may still lack sense in it, Duale should always strive to learn from Mudavadi who could at one point think that sycophancy was the best tactic to play politics of survival. The latter has lost together with his tribe by failing to land even a single meaningful appointment. I fully understand the pain of quoting this but it sometimes becomes necessary evil. Taking political stand remains the inevitable way of fighting for the so called tribe.

Today, aden Duale wants to convince Kenyans that the 2007 election which he strongly disputed was free and fair. Maybe our politicians are missing the mark, to them, something bis good when it favors them. I think he is trying to show us that even the 2013 was only free and fair to the Jubilee rascals and the so said 6 million voters who voted for them.  It is important to note that out of the 43 million Kenyans, a good percentage have shaken off the ignorance that Duale may think he is taking advantage of and now fully enlightened and can think in a more pragmatic way, do the analysis and determine the truth. Duale should recognize the fact that the first step to wisdom is knowing that you are stupid. If he cant know this, I am not sure where to place him.



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