As a blogger on social issues, I have taken keen interest in the KTN’s Official Jicho Pevu with Mohammed Ali on the 2013 elections and it would be suicidal for me to assume everything is well, it is my duty to give my constructive reaction and comments on this. I am not a sycophant of any political side, I believe in equity, justice and freedom as a man’s leverage from pertinent persisting poverty and general satisfaction of humankind.
Contending that last year’s election was free and fair is out of context, worthless and appears as an act of prejudice. It is generally agreeable that the election was improper, elicited unnecessary interest and was based on tribal colonic factors that generated the Mutahi Ngunyi’s tyranny of numbers thus do not depict the actual will of citizens. It is from this perspective that one can deduce that although the election was fair, it was never free.
Now, looking at the issues outlined in program, there are a lot than meets the eye(ear). However, from what is coming out, it is clear the attacks should not be directed to the jubilee coalition, but rather to the top masters who directly or indirectly doctored the wills of the 14 million Kenyans who are registered as voters. At the prime of this is Isack Hassan, who in his words try to show Kenyans that everything was okay while on the other side depicts another character, trying to persuade Kenyans who are already tired of the games by IEBC.
Isack trying to show that the award he got is a perfect proof that what he did was commendable is wrong, ill fated, unnecessary and lacks modality for the rating of what he may call the goods job. He should accept that things were not right, that hew was compromised along the way and therefore he made a mistake declaring the result.
Another broad daylight liar is Oswago, I believe he has a very big responsibility of explaining to Kenyans what really happened during the election. Denying the recording is not his is a justifiable proof Oswago is a traitor , not to the Luo community as he contends, but to Kenyans. He had the lives of 43 million Kenyans but just threw it to dust, I bet Oswago was really willing to see the repeat of 2007-2008 post election violence. Oswago should redeem himself in eyes of all Kenyans. The he should do now is to explain to Kenyans where the pressure emanated from that forced them to do a substandard job. If he cannot do this, I promise Oswago and I can bet with all I have that he will remain an outcast in the eyes of all the patriotic Kenyans who would stop at nothing but the truth. He should not that according to Aristotle, the first step to success is being truthful to oneself and others.
Another personality who failed Kenyans is the Chief Justice Dr Willy Mutunga, though he has his independent mind, he never did the right thing, I mean as a pertinent member of the CSO, Mutunga and his team had the ability to use their capacities to determine what was right among Kenyans. His modality of allocating different issues to different judges do not add up, shows the ill-mind that he had and do not prove a point beyond the vested interest. Talking about 50 lawyers do not make the process holly unless Mutunga can tell us who the lawyers were. Talking of receiving training from Uganda, to me is an insult to Kenya. It is a show of unpatriotic mind and negligence. Kenya cannot compare to Uganda on matters that have impact on democracy as the latter is a den of anarchy that should not exist in the 21st century.
Raila talked about democracy on trial, to me, I will fault that. Kenya has had five elections, the 1992, 1997, 2002, 2007 and 2013. Along the way, the election has never been fair; save for 2002. It has been a game of the powerful, the rich and the government of the day. Am surprised Raila Odinga who in most cases has suffered these would talk of democracy on trial when in real sense we have been staggering along the path of democracy. My talk on this was; A BLOW TO THE COURSE OF FIGHTING FOR DEMOCRACY IN KENYA.


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