Now away from the hullabaloo of the Kenyan political seen, with the usual blames and no delivery, I would like to divert my concentration and attention to the Migori gubernatorial ruling and determination of whether the case should proceed. It is a disgrace of the highest order for a faction which am not going to mention at this stage to have exposed the remote nature of the county by creating unnecessary, ill-intended, mischievous and improper attention in town celebrating what in the first place not worth that celebration. Before revealing my main issues, I want to first and foremost condemn the primitive act that has just happened in front of the gate four of the supreme court.
It is a show of impunity ferrying the primitive people from home to come and start making noise in town, it is equally primitive to seek cheap publicity addressing a Kamukunji outside the City hall when you are not the governor of Nairobi. Now, mentioning what am talking about, Obado should stop thinking the sympathy he may obtain from the few Kikuyus in town will rescue him at the ballot if the supreme court rule in favor of Akong’o.
Talking of Supreme court, it is my sincere take that the judiary in Kenya has been reduced to a den of breeding impunity, it is the main source of injustice and they do not act in good faith neither do they uphold the interest of the public. I was in court and remained wondering, with a threat of ousting, are we sure our public funds will be safe? Am quite sure they too can attest that put in that shoe they will have done the same. As a person who has much vested interest in the county, the fellow youths who spared their precious time to attend to such important function, and to the general public who I know are still waiting for justice, we feel betrayed, we feel there is a plan of ripping us of the justice which we so much demand. I will not omit from my list of thoughts a possibility of compromise in the system owing the fact that the bench of judges who made the rulling appeared to apply the law partially and with alot of bias. I know to me and many outside there, it can’t be over and until it is over. Though they say a justice delayed is a justice denied, to me, justice delayed is still justice as long as it will take keen interest of the people and the aspiration of the many.
Many a times I have been insulted by Obado diehards, I have been branded Oyugi’s cohort, the reality is, truth shall remain truth, my truth is uncontested-For Migori county to develop socially, economically, democratically or politically, Obado must leave, and if the masters of impunity will deny the suffering citizens this, we are ready to wait; for four years is just numbers, it will soon come and for Obado, it will never come to pass. We have a DATE AND IT IS A MIGHTY WITH THE MASTERS OF IMPUNITY THEMSELVES.
In my own blog I recently reiterated that Democracy may not be realized in Kenya soon, but for Migori, I am optimistic that with determination we can!
One would always wonder why I may hate Obado this much, surprisingly it is not hate, and my villagers, friends, constituents etc. will attest I was part of those who made Obado. I made sure he won though I am sure he may not have actually done that. Mine is not a double stand, not hate. I stand for ideology-justice, equality, freedom and representation are not bargained.
Prof. on the other hand knows very well the best for him is to fight for justice for people to fully understand what he stands for. He has to show and not tell people what he does, freedom for humanity. In conclusion, it is said that once a teacher one is a teacher. Obado is a teacher hence must prove he is one. What happened outside supreme court is an act that clearly shows what the whole camp is made of. Civilization does not cost, it is therefore not an excuse they bahaved the way they did. Next time they attend the same, they should be reminded this is Nairobi and not some village in Uriri or Kuria.


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