The issue of tribalism in Kenya is real and enormous. Nobody should sit down and lie to himself he is not. The slogans like ” ‪#‎weAreOne‬” are not true and do not reflect the real intentions behind its use. It is a fact we have to accept that ‪#‎we_are_42_in_one‬. This I say without any ill-intention. Currently, people have been condemning ‪#‎Kalonzo_Musyoka‬ for allegedly dismissing a journalist on ground of his tribe, as a rational person, I would have done exactly that, because ‪#‎Muriithi‬ being pro jubilee carried that connotation in his mind and as he was asking the question. ‪#‎Aden_Duale‬ as he criticize Kalonzo Musyoka should remember that at some point he was also talking of protecting his people-the Somalis, a reasoning which in itself tribal.
We as a nation have to decide our fate and the route we are going to take to eradicate tribalism, not turn our head and assume all is well. Before you attack this post because you feel it is tribal, ask yourself how you are going to address the soaring impact of tribalism. I believe a paradigm shift has to be adopted to deal with this issue, but the most important thing is that historical injustices have to be addressed, the rate of inequality has to be checked and we must design Kenya that depicts Kenya not Kenya with few tribes dominating the majority. It all starts with representative leadership. WE have to redefine our political socialization to be able respect ideas from all corners of the country. Political intolerance is a very important step toward this.


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