Statement to Sossion.

As Bridge International Academies employee, and having crisscrossed the country while discharging my duties, which by extension touches on quality that @SossionsgKNUT had baselessly attacked, I have come across beautiful stories, stories that corroborate greater emancipation from illiteracy, stories that show the emerging alternative despite the government neglect. The stories point to a solution to marginalization.
From the deserts of Garbatulla, the war prone areas of Wamba, the scorch of aridity in Mwingi and Bangal, if stepping forward to enlighten these communities is our sin, so be it.
A model private school in Nairobi charges approximately 6,000 in a term, this is exclusive of some hidden charges, Bridge charges almost a third of this, are we going to condemn an organization simply because they have shown a commitment to support our communities wallowing in poverty? We must be heartless.
Major concern by Sossion is the quality in this low cost model school, I want to take him through a few factual issues he had not looked at.
If you think along poor quality, you also expect failure, we just a successful first attempt in the national examination, we had pupils who scored 400 marks and above, 772 pupils scored 300 marks and above, a number of our schools had 100% pass, our overall mean score was 264, which was Much higher than the national mean score. Sossion must be desperate looking at these facts.
Sossion should note with concern that Bridge employs qualified staff. So many of those working in Bridge have also worked in the public sector and where proof is needed, we can give factual evidence. So many of the public schools are understaffed, in an attempt to bridge the difference, the BOM and PTA in these schools have engaged the UT, who turn out to be performing for these schools, I myself having worked as the same. Why are we not condemning this Mr. Sossion? Why are we showing double standard? Why expose our hypocrisy in broad day light? This should not mean that our staff are not trained, Bridge has effected the MOE requirements for the registration of these schools-6,000 exciting, qualified individuals who do their best to see their pupils excel while also trying to fend their families.
I want to remind Mr. Sossion that change is not for the pessimists, Bridge has done what the government has not been able to do, make technology be part and parcel of learning.
On the funding, we have had World Bank supporting education in Kenya, why did they withdraw? Lack of accountability and transparency. Did Mr. Sossion talk about the misuse of the funds? No! He was clueless.
Our parents-100,000 parents are satisfied and excited about the every single step their pupils make, somebody standing behind a microphone and talking rumours will never kill their dream. Over 90 pupils who got scholarships to learn in a high school courtesy of @BridgeIntAds will never loose their fate, the 6,000 employees and their families are not going to suffer because of ‪#‎Sossion‬, pupils in Garissa are not going to sit at home because of lack of teachers. Mr. Sossion, direct your energy elsewhere.


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