The fate of Malindi-Will Jubilee penatrate?

With just a few days to the by-election in Malindi, the battle field has been drawn between the warring coalitions; Cord and Jubilee. Cord deserve the seat because the former member of parliament was in Cord and loosing it may not be well especially now that the numbers in parliament is very important. However, the election is even more important for Jubilee, and possible the president could have had this in mind.

It is apparent the Jubilee coalition did not get impressive votes here, and it would remain very important for them to use the by-election to test waters. It is obvious the ruling coalition are going to spend their gut just for the election. The elections will be a determiner and whoever wins there will have a comparative advantage.

The question that begs is, can the jubilee convince and arm twist the voters? going by the recent political tides, Mombasa politics has taken a sabbatical shape and if the orange team in Mombasa continue with the tempo, it would not only be a pipe dream, it would be an illusion for Jubilee as far as winning the seat is concerned.


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