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Portal of service delivery? No Mr. President!

There is a saying in Kiswahili that goes, “Chema chajiuza, Kibaya chajitembeza”. In its literal translation, Good things sell, bad ones don’t. This is exactly the mediocrity that the Jubilee government is attaching to its record. The government has set up a website to sensitize the public on what they have achieved in the four years they have been in office.

It is imperative for the jubilee government to soul-search on where they went wrong. The public have been sensitized enough by the failed government responsibility, and as popularly done by Kenyans, they have moved on. We are only staring at the conspicuous failure that the government has exhibited, without no iota of shame.

When the term failure is mentioned, the Jubilee government resort to frowning at the truth or sometimes try to clothe it with their myriad of lies in full glare of cameras. It is common for both the president and his deputy to resort to the media to counter the truth in the public domain with all sorts of lies and arrogance. The last mile connectivity is one area where such can be proved. In an attempt to hoodwink the public, the government and its agents have come up with all sorts of figures that are not consistent, though they originate from the same entity..

The #DeliveryPortal is nothing but a clothed PR tool and campaign platform. Ideally, the development projects should be felt and seen, not told. Furthermore, Kenyans in their curiosity to shame, have poked several inconsistencies in the so called delivery portal. For instance, from the portal the KKendu-Bay-Oyugis road has been tarmacked, or is in the process of being tarmacked, but on the ground, the citizens are crying their lungs out due to the pathetic state of the road.

Mr. president, Delivery portal iis a good gesture, but it should complement developments that can be felt on the ground. This platform only serve a small section of Kenyans who have access to the digital platforms. In case these are the projects you promised us, be informed a larger section is left out. Majority wants to physically see the good roads, the prices of basic commodities going down, clean water in their surroundings and good schools for their children. With these, you will not need the